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Comprehensive, cost effective and timely engineering reports.

Engineering Reports and Structural Inspections our specialty and we take pride in providing this service to our clients. We offer on-site inspection and professional engineering reports to our clients who desire exceptional value, quality, and professional services.

Reduce Your Risk with an Engineering Assessment

Our engineering reports help reduce risk on investments by providing stakeholders the necessary information and data they need to make important financial decisions.

specializes in engineering structural inspections and condition assessments of new or existing (aging) assets, including: homes, buildings, foundations, basements, retaining walls, decks, porches, garages, and other asset types.

Industries served include: lending/underwriting, insurance, asset management, and others.

Assistance with Important Decision Making

Many times a professional engineer is required to assess a known or potential problem and report our findings to stakeholders.

Our engineering reports assist you with important decision making. The information we provide you can be used to determine: repair needs, costs-to-cure, origin-and-cause, or simply the next course of action.

Time Proven Methods

Our inspections are based on sound, engineering principals. Utilizing the latest in visual inspection, non-invasive / non-destructive examination (NDE), and engineering analysis, can be instrumental in identifying potential problems, costly remediations, and potential catastrophic failures.

Our field technicians and licensed professional engineers are highly experienced and use proven methods of documenting and collecting data during on-site inspections. Our engineering team analyzes site-specific data to spot and point out: structural defects & damages, non-compliant and non-conforming issues, costly remediations, and failures-in-the-making.

Engineering Expertise

has specialized professional engineering expertise in a variety of areas and the support of a national network.

We provide professional engineering services involving:

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