We are Licensed Professional Engineers that provide services to Insurance Companies and their agents by providing Engineering Reports and Structural Inspections – Nationwide!

Whether you want us to validate a structural defect, estimate a cost-to-cure, or investigate damages, we have the professional experience and training to be there when you need us. 

Harrison Engineering LLC has the reputation, expertise, availability, and nationwide presence that make our professional engineering and inspection services so appealing to insurance companies.

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When you submit an assignment to us, you can track the status of a job anytime with a link we give you on the Internet. We pride ourselves in providing unparalleled “up-to-date”, and technologically advanced services.

Our nationwide engineering services can save your staff valuable time and effort because we are just a phone call away. Our nationwide presence makes our service a “one-stop-shop” for you and your staff.

Insurance agents no longer need to spend valuable employee time searching for a competent and willing engineering firm to provide you with the necessary engineering report to meet the property owner’s requirements. Our nationwide presence solves that problem for you. We are licensed professional engineers throughout the nation and have border-to-border coverage in every state.

We build long term relationships with insurance companies and work with leading companies across the nation. Insurance companies come back to us time, and time again, because of our fast service, and the extra effort we put into meeting their needs.