We are Licensed Professional Engineers that provide services to Real Estate agents by providing Engineering Reports and Structural Inspections – Nationwide!

Whether you want us to provide a structural integrity report, estimate a cost-to-cure, or investigate damages, we have the professional experience and training to be there when you need us. 

We have the reputation, expertise, availability, and nationwide presence that make our professional engineering and inspection services so appealing to homeowners.

On VA & FHA-insured loans, an engineering structural integrity report is often required on a home. We are Licensed Professional Engineers that assist home owners by providing a engineering report of structural integrity.

We help you out when you are selling (or buying) your home by providing you with the necessary engineering report(s). The engineer’s report will include the necessary documentation for you (the homeowner) to aid in completing the buying transaction.

Many times when the buyer of a home is getting an FHA, VA loan, the FHA or VA loan underwriter requires that the home is structurally sound.

You (the home owner or buyer) are then required to hire a professional licensed engineer to provide an engineering report and present it to the underwriter.

We ease your mind by providing fast, affordable engineering reports and structural inspection services.