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Professional Engineering Services for
Mortgage Consultants

We are Licensed Professional Engineers that assist loan officers, processors, and underwriters by providing Engineering Reports and Structural Inspections.

Since most homes are owned by a lending institution until the mortgage is paid off, the lending institution wants to ensure that what they are lending on is structurally sound and compliant to national lending standards (like HUD/FHA) and local building codes so that it minimizes their risk.

Our nationwide engineering services can save your staff valuable time and effort because we are just a phone call away. Our nationwide presence makes our service a "one-stop-shop" for you.

We build long term relationships with mortgage consultants. Our clients come back to us time, and time again, because of our fast service, and the extra effort we put into meeting their needs. We know that time is of the essence in most lending transactions; we value every client's timeline and do our best to exceed their expectations.

For the loan officer, processor or underwriter we provide support with your home transactions by issuing Engineering Reports from a professional engineer in the state where the home is located. We have a nationwide presence in order to meet your current needs.

There is no need to spend valuable employee time searching for a compotent and willing engineering firm to provide you with the necessary engineering report to meet the underwriting requirements. Our nationwide presence solves that problem for you.

We work with loan processors and underwriters constantly and we know the engineering report format that they like to see, and we know the proper language that they need to hear to help make their underwriting determinations.

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